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Lawsuits for Arterial Dissection and Stroke from Lemtrada

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If you or a loved one suffered from arterial dissection or stroke from Lemtrada, you may eligible to file a Lemtrada stroke lawsuit against the manufacturer, Sanofi Genzyme. Lemtrada stroke lawsuits give persons and families harmed by stroke or arterial dissection from this MS drug the means to seek compensation for the pain, suffering, and loss that has resulted.

In 2018, after four years on the market, Lemtrada was linked to the severe and life-threatening side effects of stroke and arterial dissection. Arterial dissection is a condition that causes tears to form in the linings of arteries in the head and neck. These artery tears can result in bleeding on the brain or a deprivation of blood flow to the brain, two different forms of stroke. While rare, Lemtrada stroke and arterial dissection are extremely serious and often result in permanent damage. For four years, patients took this medication with no knowledge of the risk for stroke; today, these individuals are seeking compensation through Lemtrada stroke lawsuits.

Lemtrada Lawsuits for Stroke

Most Americans would prefer to not become involved in a lawsuit, but in the case of Lemtrada stroke, taking legal action is the only way to recover the compensation you deserve. Our experienced team of drug safety attorneys is available to assist you in learning about your legal rights and helping you take the simple steps to file a Lemtrada stroke lawsuit for yourself or a loved one. It is our belief that persons having suffered from this severe condition, with no prior warning of the risk, deserve and require compensation for the medical expenses, harm, and suffering resulting from Lemtrada stroke and arterial dissection - and we believe drug companies must be consistently held accountable for the safety of their products.

Our attorneys are now accepting Lemtrada stroke claims from persons and families nationwide and offer free, no-obligation Lemtrada lawsuit case review to anyone who suffered a stroke from Lemtrada. Stroke is a serious condition that can endanger a person's life and that frequently results in permanent damage and requires significant medical care. To discuss your situation with an attorney handling Lemtrada stroke lawsuits nationwide and to learn about Lemtrada lawsuit time limits in your state, please complete our online contact form. One of our attorneys handling Lemtrada lawsuits for artery tears and stroke will contact you promptly.

Lemtrada Lawsuits

Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuits Are Not Class Action Lawsuits

Many people worry it may not be worthwhile to file a Lemtrada lawsuit related to stroke, fearing their story will become a number and a Lemtrada lawsuit will return only symbolic compensation. Lemtrada lawsuits for stroke and arterial dissection will not be class action lawsuits in which those who file a claim can expect only a small, symbolic settlement. Instead, attorneys for Lemtrada lawsuits believe plaintiffs may be entitled to significant compensation.

Our attorneys representing families in Lemtrada stroke lawsuits assure clients that filing a claim is the only method to obtain the real compensation you deserve. Furthermore, filing a Lemtrada lawsuit is the only means to hold the drug company accountable for the safety of this drug. It is possible that individual Lemtrada lawsuits may be consolidated as Multi-District Litigation (MDL), a method where similar cases are grouped to accelerate the legal process while still preserving the unique facts and circumstances of each case. Whether your case is handled individually or joins forces in MDL, you can rest assured that compensation will be determined by the unique factors in each case and the degree of suffering encountered by each plaintiff.

Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuits: No Fees Unless We Collect for You

We will represent all persons involved in a Lemtrada lawsuit for stroke or arterial dissection on a contingency basis, meaning our lawyers never charge legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. For a free no-obligation consultation please fill out our short online contact form and one of our Lemtrada attorneys for stroke claims will contact you to answer any of your questions.

No-Cost, No-Obligation Lemtrada Lawsuit Case Review If You or a Loved One Suffered from Stroke or Arterial Dissection

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