Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuit News

Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuit News

Information and News About Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuits

Lemrtrada Risks Were Worth It For One Recent Patient | 4/14/2021

One Lemtrada patient journey is indicative of why patients are willing to risk their lives when taking Lemtrada treatments...READ MORE

The Shocking Types of Deaths Caused By Lemtrada | 4/9/2021

Add cerebral hemorrhage, multiple organ failure, septic shock, listeriosis, pneumonia, and agranulocytosis to the list of adverse reactions that have resulted in death...READ MORE

RRMS Has Different Stages With Different Symptoms | 4/5/2021

Patients suffering from relapse remitting multiple sclerosis should make healthy lifestyle choices to help cope with the disease...READ MORE

Nurses Monitor Lemtrada (Alemtuzumab) Patients For Signs of Its Deadly Side Effects | 3/31/2021

Nurses that specialize in relapse remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) are required during Lemtrada infusions...READ MORE

Lemtrada Can Cause Sudden Death And Many Other Health Issues | 3/8/2021

Here is a complete list of Lemtrada's short and long-term side effects...READ MORE

Lemtrada May Slow the Progression of Relapse Remitting MS But with Potentially Severe Side Effects | 3/5/2021

More study is needed to confirm that Lemtrada treatments could have an impact on lessening RRMS symptoms and increasing the length of remission...READ MORE

MS Doctors May Need To Be Reminded of Lemtrada's Deadly Side Effects | 3/1/2021

Some doctors advocate using Lemtrada more aggressively if the patient has agreed that the treatment's benefits are worth the risks...READ MORE

Doctors Treating RRMS Must Discuss Lemtrada's Deadly Side Effects With Patients | 2/23/2021

Doctors seeking to make the RRMS patients well may gloss over the drug's life-threatening side effects...READ MORE

Lemtrada Can Cause An Arterial Dissection and Instant Death | 1/20/2021

Lemtrada patients should study the risks of arterial dissection...READ MORE

Lemtrada Toxicity May Cause Arterial Dissection Leading To Strokes | 1/13/2021

Destruction of the smooth inside lining of the arteries is Lemtrada's primary drawback...READ MORE

People As Young As 20 Should Watch For Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis | 12/30/2020

How can you tell if you or a loved one have multiple sclerosis? ...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients Could Be At Risk When Taking Covid-19 Vaccine | 12/15/2020

The Covid-19 vaccine will be offered to the public by age, and people taking Lemtrada should first consult their doctor...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients Have May Have Safer Options | 12/8/2020

Lemtrada often does damage to the lining of the arteries that encourages potentially deadly blood clots...READ MORE

Stem Cell Rejection Could Complicate Future RRMS Treatments | 11/25/2020

It may be too soon to write off Lemtrada in favor of Stem Cell Therapy in Treating advanced multiple sclerosis ...READ MORE

Breakthroughs In Stem Cell Transplantation Could Eliminate The Need For Lemtrada And Its Unpredictable Side Effects | 11/19/2020

It will not be long before advanced multiple sclerosis patients will get to try stem-cell therapy before considering Lemtrada ...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients Should Know Their Life Is In Danger By Taking Lemtrada | 11/9/2020

The list of Lemtrada alemtuzumab life-threatening side effects is growing exponentially, leading experts to question whether the benefits are worth the risks...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients May Try Anything To Keep Multiple Sclerosis In Check | 11/4/2020

Patient experiences with Lemtrada are mostly positive when advised in advance of rare but deadly side effects...READ MORE

Lemtrada Offers Hope For Those With Advanced RRMS | 10/13/2020

A Lemtrada Survival Guide youtube video gives RRMS patients tips on how to prepare for the side effects of disease-modifying therapy (DMT)...READ MORE

Lemtrada Sometimes Works Well But Patients Were Only Recently Warned About The Dangers of The Drug | 10/6/2020

Other Lemtrada side effects are equally as profound and include causing immediate death...READ MORE

Drugs Like Lemtrada May Benefit MS Patients Right From The Start | 9/29/2020

An Italian study indicates Lemtrada may be more effective than other drugs if treatments begin early....READ MORE

Multiple Sclerosis Patients Suffer Fatigue Before Symptoms Gradually Increase | 9/23/2020

MS patients report extreme, unexplainable tiredness before symptoms of the disease that require Lemtrada treatment become apparent...READ MORE

Doctors May Have Dropped Lemtrada Over Covid-19 Fears | 9/2/2020

Multiple sclerosis doctors may have stopped prescribing Lemtrada because they feared patients might die from Covid-19...READ MORE

Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients May Have a Promising New Drug | 8/25/2020

Patients may now choose Kesimpta before their disease progresses to the stage that requires Lemtrada ...READ MORE

Ofatumumab Could Replace Lemtrada For Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis | 8/8/2020

RRMS drug Ofatumumab has the potential to offer significant relief from the symptoms of RRMS...READ MORE

RRMS Patients Have A Great Source of Information That Can Help Them Deal With Every Aspect of Their Disease | 8/4/2020

Some doctors can help you cope from the first moment you find out that you have RRMS...READ MORE

New Information About COVID19 and Taking Lemtrada | 7/16/2020

New information is available every day as scientists study the effects of disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) like Lemtrada on the immune system...READ MORE

The Risks Of Lemtrada Therapy And Other DMTs | 7/9/2020

Leading RRMS Publications Have Updated Their DMT and Lemtrada Guidance In a Coronavirus World...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients Face Possibility Of Living With The After-Effects of a Stroke | 7/6/2020

The threat of having a spontaneous stroke and being rendered paralyzed is a real side effect of taking anti-multiple sclerosis drug Lemtrada...READ MORE

A Multiple Sclerosis Doctor Explains The Ins and Outs of Lemtrada for RRMS Patients in a Series of YouTube Videos | 6/22/2020

Lemtrada patients will be more informed and make better decisions from having viewed this series of RRMS videos...READ MORE

Lemtrada Carries Serious Side Effects That Come With The Potential Relief The Drug Offers | 6/1/2020

RRMS patients are usually desperate and at the stage where they will try anything before engaging in dangerous Lemtrada treatments...READ MORE

Canadians Have One of the World's Highest Rates of Multiple Sclerosis | 5/28/2020

The country to the north does not know why so many of its citizens develop relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis...READ MORE

RRMS Patients Explain Difficulty Managing The Disease During The Covid-19 Pandemic | 5/21/2020

Lemtrada's life-threatening side effects are compounded by the deadly Coronavirus that confuses an already compromised immune system...READ MORE

Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients Share Their Lemtrada Experiences Online | 5/12/2020

If you are considering Lemtrada online groups can provide good information support...READ MORE

Lemtrada May Also Cause ANCA Vasculitis | 4/27/2020

It seems as if every month, a new and deadly disease is being blamed on the multiple sclerosis medication...READ MORE

Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients (RRMS) Should First Try Telephoning Their Doctors Before Risking Going To The Hospital Directly | 4/22/2020

RRMS patients taking Lemtrada infusion treatments should ask if the procedure could be performed in the doctor's office where it might be less crowded and less risky to catch COVID19...READ MORE

Experts Weigh In On Discontinuing Lemtrada Treatments During Pandemic | 4/10/2020

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Centers For Disease Control together provide thorough, up-to-the-minute information for RRMS sufferers using Lemtrada during the COVID-19 pandemic...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients At Extreme Risk From COVID-19 | 4/8/2020

Lemtrada is one of the most toxic drugs and could be responsible for magnifying the symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus...READ MORE

Relapse-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients Should Avoid Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) During The Covid-19 Pandemic | 3/20/2020

Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) warnings are updated monthly and the drug should be avoided due to the weakening effect it has on the immune system...READ MORE

Sanofi Forced To Pay $11.8 Million In Alleged Kick-Back Scheme | 3/16/2020

Reimbursing patient's out of pocket co-pays through bogus charities is the latest marketing scheme of the drugmaker...READ MORE

Newly Diagnosed RRMS Patients Should Avoid Lemtrada and Look to Other Less Toxic Treatments | 3/11/2020

Lemtrada infusion should be reserved as a last resort and used only when all other alternatives fail...READ MORE

Lemtrada Deaths Prompt Greater Scrutiny and Harsher Warnings | 2/27/2020

Lemtrada warnings now include the added risk for spontaneous heart attack and the prolonged risk of autoimmune diseases...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients Dying At An Alarming Rate | 2/10/2020

A European study links Lemtrada to many more deaths and sooner than expected after taking the first infusion...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients Report Positive Experiences From Taking The Anti-MS Drug | 2/4/2020

A person has to know what multiple sclerosis patients go through to understand why they would risk their lives by taking the drug Lemtrada...READ MORE

Lemtrada Fears May Be Overdone | 1/30/2020

Regulators may have scared potential Lemtrada patients away when highlighting the risks of stroke and heart attack patients could suffer...READ MORE

Some Patients Rave About Lemtrada's Effectiveness While Others Are Left Permanently Disabled | 1/8/2020

Lemtrada can have wonderful physical and psychological benefits but also carries sudden death risks...READ MORE

One Last Lemtrada Warning for 2019 | 1/2/2020

Every couple of months a new and more severe warning about the side effects of anti-multiple sclerosis drug Lemtrada surfaces...READ MORE

RRMS Patients May Try Stem Cell Therapy if Lemtrada Fails | 12/26/2019

Even though Lemtrada is considered a drug of last resort RRMS patients may look to stem cell therapy to replace and improve their immune systems...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patient's Fear of the Unknown Moderated in YouTube Testimonial Videos | 12/16/2019

Lemtrada patients have produced YouTube videos that relate to the fear of Lemtrada's deadly side effects potential patients may be experiencing...READ MORE

Lemtrada Side Effect Awareness Requirements | 12/11/2019

Lemtrada has recently been declared to be more deadly than experts had originally thought and doctors and patients need to take special precautions...READ MORE

Lemtrada is serious medication for a serious condition | 11/21/2019

Few moments in life are as terrifying as waking up one day with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis...READ MORE

More Restrictions Placed on Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers Who Wish to Receive Lemtrada Treatment | 11/15/2019

Europe's medical supervisors now require that Lemtrada patients receive hospitalization from the first moment they start infusions...READ MORE

RRMS Patients May Look To Alternatives To Lemtrada | 11/6/2019

The enhanced restrictions being placed on anti-RRMS drug Lemtrada are concerning to patients that have run out of options...READ MORE

Europe's Medicine Agency Increases Lemtrada Restrictions | 11/4/2019

Lemtrada now carries even greater restrictions due to the drug's potential to cause stroke, heart attack, and sudden death...READ MORE

Understand The Pros and Cons of Lemtrada RRMS Treatments | 10/16/2019

Lemtrada is an essential therapy for people who suffer from the most advanced and untreatable stages of relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis...READ MORE

Lemtrada Is More Deadly Than Originally Thought | 10/10/2019

A recent analytical study shows that Lemtrada causes more deaths and from a greater variety of sources...READ MORE

Obesity Can Make Multiple Sclerosis Medications Less Effective | 10/2/2019

Being overweight can lead not only to a host of serious diseases but also make the treatment of relapse remitting multiple sclerosis less effective...READ MORE

RRMS Patients Should Consider Lemtrada's Risk of Arterial Dissection | 9/18/2019

Lemtrada patients suffer strokes that can leave them permanently disabled or worse...READ MORE

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Have a Difficult Decision To Make When The Disease is in its Latter Stages | 9/6/2019

Lemtrada works great for some and alleviates their RRMS symptoms but carries the ultimate side effect when it does not...READ MORE

Lemtrada's Deadly Side Effects Greater Than Previously Thought | 9/2/2019

Ten previously unknown reports have been uncovered showing Lemtrada fatalities...READ MORE

Drug Makers Look to Mitigate Lemtrada's Life-Threatening Side Effects | 8/26/2019

A small case study conducted recently points to a drug that may help alleviate the auto-immune disease caused by anti-RRMS drug Lemtrada...READ MORE

Lemtrada Relieves RRMS Symptoms Allowing Patients to Enjoy a Better Quality of Life | 8/20/2019

Those that are permitted to take Lemtrada report that the drug extends the time they have to enjoy a level of quality of life...READ MORE

Lemtrada Causes High Blood Pressure Before a Stroke Occurs | 8/6/2019

Lemtrada's can cause several serious medical problems that doctors must watch for...READ MORE

Lemtrada Patients Report Promising Results | 8/1/2019

Lemtrada is helping MS patients live a more normal life but the drug also carries serious, life-threatening side effects...READ MORE

The European Medicines Agency is Studying Lemtrada's Side Effects | 7/30/2019

Lemtrada can cause immediate damage to the blood vessels leading to the heart and brain resulting in a paralyzing stroke or sudden death from a heart attack...READ MORE

What To Watch For Indicating You May Have Multiple Sclerosis | 7/10/2019

Severe numbness in the hands and feet may be the first sign that you have the progressive muscle degenerative disease...READ MORE

Lemtrada May Be Twice as Effective As Its Leading Competitor | 7/5/2019

Unfortunately, the risks faced by Lemtrada patients may exceed its benefits...READ MORE

Brain Bleeding May Indicate a Lemtrada Stroke is Imminent | 6/27/2019

Doctors are looking for ways to catch and head off Lemtrada's serious side effects before permanent neurological damage occurs...READ MORE

Treating Multiple Sclerosis From Many Angles | 6/21/2019

Stem Cell Therapy offers new hope for advanced RRMS patients...READ MORE

Lemtrada's Risks Exceed The Black Box Warning | 6/18/2019

Multiple Sclerosis patients are required to join a risk management program before receiving Lemtrada...READ MORE

A Long-Term Study Demonstrates Lemtrada's Effectiveness and Adverse Side Effects | 6/11/2019

Lemtrada can provide a ray of hope for those with advances Relapse Recurring Multiple Sclerosis...READ MORE

A Leading Authority Finds Lemtrada Causes Brain Bleeding | 5/30/2019

There are few more deadly and life-threatening conditions than those that adversely affect the brain or the nervous system. Multiple Sclerosis and Lemtrada affect them both...READ MORE

Lemtrada's Incredibly Long List of Adverse Side Effects | 5/23/2019

Consumer health agencies around the world are waking up to the number of life-threatening medical consequences patients face when they take Lemtrada for relief from multiple sclerosis symptoms...READ MORE

The Outlook is Grim For Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) Patients | 5/15/2019

Lemtrada strokes only add to the agony and hopelessness that RRMS patient may feel...READ MORE

Lemtrada Forced To Update Black Box Warning To Include Chance of Stroke | 5/10/2019

RRMS sufferers have little to lose by the time doctors resort to Lemtrada...READ MORE

The European Medicines Agency Urges Doctors To Stop Using Lemtrada Effective Immediately | 5/4/2019

The EU's leading health authority is doing everything short of recalling Lemtrada in order to study the drug's adverse side effects more thoroughly and establish a new risk/reward profile...READ MORE

The Pros and Cons of Lemtrada Therapy | 4/19/2019

Multiple Sclerosis patients can benefit from using Lemtrada, but must be made aware of the risk to their health that may include suffering a stroke...READ MORE

Europe's FDA is Reviewing Lemtrada's Stroke Side Effect | 4/15/2019

Governments around the world look to the US Food and Drug Administration as to which drugs could potentially cause patient harm...READ MORE

Lemtrada is a drug that is approved for patients suffering from relapsing multiple sclerosis but can have serious and often deadly side effects. | 4/9/2019

Doctors administering Lemtrada need to take special precautions...READ MORE

MS Doctors Must Weigh The Benefits of Lemtrada Versus The Drug's Stroke Risks | 4/3/2019

Lemtrada can cause MS patients expecting relief from their seizures to experience a life-threatening stroke instead...READ MORE

Individuals Suffering From RLMS Now Have a New Drug Called Mavenclad That Can Help Alleviate Seizures | 4/1/2019

The FDA has approved a new drug for treating relapsing multiple sclerosis that has shown great promise and lesser side effects than Lemtrada or Tecfidera...READ MORE

Stroke Warning Added to Lemtrada Boxed Label | 3/28/2019

The FDA is requiring Sanofi to reliable bottles of Lemtrada to reflect the side effect of potentially causing a stroke...READ MORE

Anti MS Drug Lemtrada Carries Multiple Lethal Side Effects | 3/25/2019

Lemtrada patients should be monitored for up to four years after their first infusion for a laundry list of potentially life-threatening side effects...READ MORE

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