A Long-Term Study Demonstrates Lemtrada's Effectiveness and Adverse Side Effects

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Lemtrada can provide a ray of hope for those with advances Relapse Recurring Multiple Sclerosis

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - Lemtrada, an anti-seizure multiple sclerosis drug, is so powerful and potentially toxic that even the manufacturer has had to admit that it should be used only as a last resort and only if all other drugs have failed. As a result of its strength, Lemtrada also carries certain features that make taking the drug advisable for some.

According to the Multiple Sclerosis experts at Multiple Sclerosis News Today, "A five-year study demonstrated that Sanofi-Genzyme' Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) provides long-term benefits for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients, reducing relapse rates and preventing the progression of the disease." Approximately 90% of the patients in the study were relapse-free for the following 3 years and 60% made it five years, a remarkable success." The infusion reactions of patients in the study were limited to headaches, slight fever and rashes according to the report. Six patients, or around 3 in every 1000, developed cancer. The study also indicated that some patients only needed to get the treatment in two phases. Lemtrada infusions are given in five consecutive days. One year later only three are usually required. Lemtrada lawyers helping families and persons that suffered from Lemtrada drug side effects and offer a free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

Interestingly, patients in the study were eager to share their experiences with taking Lemtrada. One woman reported a severe adverse reaction as her condition going from relatively stable to now requiring a wheelchair "I got progressively worse after treatment. I was stable, walking unassisted for 6 years after diagnosis, had Lemtrada, and in a year went from a cane to a walker. Now I'm in need of a chair. Everybody is different but I regret having this treatment!" Another MS patient was numb from the ribcage down and required a walker before using Lemtrada. After taking the drug she reported restoration of her sensations as well as walking unassisted. "Eternally grateful for Lemtrada!"

Doctors that specialize in RRMS are encouraged to have another weapon to use to help their patients fight the deadly and debilitating disease. One such doctor, Dr. Charles Asta, MD, a board-certified neurologist practicing in Teaneck, NJ, "provides clinical care and hope to those who have the potentially debilitating disease" according to North Jersey.com. The Dr. cites the drug's successful studies as well as the elimination of the need for additional medication for those taking Lemtrada. According to the website, Dr. Asta said: "it is remarkable that so many recipients of Lemtrada are not having relapses."

Before everyone rushes out to get Lemtrada, patients should be aware of the consequences of taking the drug which includes having a stroke and becoming paralyzed and also sudden death from having a heart attack. According to the drug's website Lemtrada.com, the drug should be considered only as a last resort because of the seriousness of its adverse safety profile. "LEMTRADA causes serious, sometimes fatal, autoimmune conditions such as immune thrombocytopenia and anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) disease. LEMTRADA causes serious and life-threatening infusion reactions, and serious and life-threatening stroke (including ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke) has been reported within 3 days of LEMTRADA administration." Read more about the risks of taking Lemtrada at https://www.lemtradahcp.com/safety-information#isi

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