Anti MS Drug Lemtrada Carries Multiple Lethal Side Effects

Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuit News

Lemtrada patients should be monitored for up to four years after their first infusion for a laundry list of potentially life-threatening side effects

Monday, March 25, 2019 - Alemtuzumab, better known by the brand name Lemtrada, is a drug used since 2014 to treat relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), and as the label recommends, should only be taken as a last resort after two or more other multiple sclerosis drugs have failed. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put out a security alert in late 2014 when the agency detected the 13th case of an MS patient suffering a stroke shortly after having a Lemtrada infusion. Lemtrada is administered in 8 doses over a period of two years and those reporting a stroke usually do so within 24 hours but up to three days after taking the drug. Lemtrada strokes occur when a tear in the carotid artery allows blood to accumulate creating a clot that blocks blood flow to a section of the brain. Lemtrada attorneys representing families and individuals harmed from the use of Lemtrada drug are available to consult for free and no obligation to file a claim.

According to the FDA, early warning signs of a stroke include "sudden numbness in the arms and legs, mental confusion, difficulty speaking, blurred vision, trouble walking, dizziness, and most importantly a severe headache. MS patients taking Lemtrada are advised to be alert to these symptoms after taking the drug. Lemtrada now carries a "Black Box Warning," the highest printed security alert the FDA can force a drug manufacturer to place on its product. If you are suffering from MS, take Lemtrada, and have suffered a stroke you are urged to contact a Lemtrada stroke attorney in order to file a claim against Sanofi, Lemtrada's manufacturer.

To the company's credit, other serious side effects a patient might suffer are clearly listed on the web site located at In addition to potentially causing a stroke, Lemtrada also causes serious autoimmune problems. The company states "some people receiving Lemtrada develop a condition where the immune cells in the body attack other cells or organs in the body (autoimmunity), which can be serious and may cause death."

Another potentially lethal side effect of Lemtrada is developing a condition of reduced platelet counts in the blood that can cause severe bleeding and potential death. These symptoms include: "easy bruising; bleeding from a cut that is hard to stop; coughing up blood; heavier menstrual periods than normal; bleeding from your gums or nose that is new or takes longer than usual to stop; small, and scattered spots on your skin that are red, pink, or purple."

Taking Lemtrada can also result in kidney problems called anti-glomerular basement membrane disease, leading to: "severe kidney damage, kidney failure requiring dialysis, a kidney transplant, or death."

Lemtrada lawyers warn that "infusion reactions, including serious allergic reactions, and urgent heart or breathing problems" can occur during the administration of the drug or within 24 hours and that doctors and hospitals using Lemtrada should be prepared to treat these symptoms. The first measure is to monitor the patient and if a reaction to the drug is occurring to stop the infusion immediately and begin treatment.

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