Canadians Have One of the World's Highest Rates of Multiple Sclerosis

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The country to the north does not know why so many of its citizens develop relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis

Thursday, May 28, 2020 - Canada has one of the highest percentages of citizens with multiple sclerosis therefore the country is interested in understanding the disease better than most. Researchers do not know what causes multiple sclerosis. Ottawa recently wrote an essay about what it is like to live with the disease as May is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and the publication interviewed a young RRMS patient to get her thoughts on her personal experience living with the disease. Lemtrada stroke lawsuit claims continue to be filed by people harmed from the side effects of the drug Lemtrada and the following is a review of that article.

The Ottawa Matters essay describes a time in the life of a young woman age 23 who one day started to feel tingling in her hand and became concerned when the sensation would not stop and started to spread up her arm. Doctors initially thought she just had a pinched nerve from doing yoga but the young lady knew that she didn't feel right. The uncomfortable sensations quickly spread from her hand to arm, to her shoulder and then neck, and then to her head causing vision and balance issues. Still, doctors thought that a pinched nerve was to blame and it wasn't until the woman told her doctors that she was having difficulties with her balance and was falling over occasionally did they think to perform an MRI, which revealed brain lesions and led to her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Over the first year, the MS spread quickly and the young woman suffered flare-ups of fatigue, memory fog, and forgetfulness, leading her to feel hesitant to speak out loud to others.

According to Ottowa Matters, relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) is a condition where protective nerve coverings called myelin are destroyed resulting in extreme sensitivity and firing off unexpectedly due to inflammation. While RRMS is not fatal, many die as a result of other complications resulting from having the disease, and RRMS sufferers have a shorter life expectancy than others. The average age of an RRMS patient is 32 years old, and the onset of the disease usually occurs between the age of 20-49 years of age. Infections resulting in death is common. Because of the sporadic nature of the RRMS flare-ups, it is usually difficult to tell if a person has the disease, and most people do not require a walking-assistance device. RRMS affects the central nervous system and every motor function the brain controls.

RRMS sufferers in the most advanced and desperate stages have turned to a drug that is highly effective in managing their symptoms yet can be extremely deadly. Lemtrada Alemtuzumab treatments are administered once per year in several doses for two weeks, over two years and side effects have included causing paralyzing strokes and instant death from a heart attack. Most severe symptoms from the medication occur within 72 hours of the initial intravenous infusion. Lemtrada's potential for causing life-threatening side effects are so likely that doctors administering the drug must co-sign a risk management disclosure statement with patients before prescribing treatment. Also, emergency medical personnel and equipment must be present to provide first aid, and hospital care should an event occur.

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