Doctors Treating RRMS Must Discuss Lemtrada's Deadly Side Effects With Patients

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Doctors seeking to make the RRMS patients well may gloss over the drug's life-threatening side effects

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - Lemtrada is a medicine that is recommended by doctors for patients in the advanced stages of relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). Lemtrada is administered during two one-week treatment sessions, one year apart for two years. After that, each case is assessed and some may qualify for the third year or the fourth year of treatment. Unfortunately for many, Lemtrada's severe side effects make using the drug a high-risk proposition. Some Lemtrada patients have suffered paralyzing strokes or sudden death from a heart attack within 72 hours of taking Lemtrada. Many Lemtrada patients or the loved ones of those who have died from taking Lemtrada have filed lawsuits claiming that they were misinformed about the drug's severe side effects. Lemtrada Stroke attorneys offer free consultations with no cost or obligation to families and people that have been injured by Lemtrada's side effects.

Given the possibility of a stroke or sudden death, one might ask who is Lemtrada right for? Dr. Aaron Boster MD. has treated nearly 300 patients with (RRMS) using Lemtrada a highly effective yet potentially deadly anti-ms drug. According to Dr. Boster, Lemtrada is "one of the most effective diseases modifying therapies (DMT) available to treat relapsing MS." The Dr. tells listeners that it makes sense to use Lemtrada in older patients that are experiencing the most severe symptoms of RRMS. Dr. Bolster thinks that makes sense but feels that a Lemtrada candidate can also be a patient "that is willing to accept the upfront risks and complexity in exchange for the possibility of quieting the disease in the absence or retreatment." Dr. Bolster also stresses that the patient must be fully committed to taking Lemtrada such as being willing to have blood drawn every month for five years. In a nutshell, a Lemtrada patient must be informed of the severe risks the drug carries including sudden death or paralysis from having a stroke and must be willing to stick to the program.

While doctors like Dr. Bolster appear to be dedicated to helping RRMS patients by recommending Lemtrada, official government health agencies such as the one in the United Kingdom give the strictest possible warning before allowing the drug to be administered. The UK medical authorities insist that doctors discuss the fatal risks that Lemtrada carries. Lemtrada is not recommended to any patient with a history of heart, blood, or autoimmune disorders. Also, Lemtrada must be administered in a hospital with a fully-functioning and staffed emergency room. The UK medical authorities issued the following urgent Lemtrada warnings after carefully reviewing available data. "The review also found unpredictable and potentially fatal immune-mediated reactions can occur within months and up to at least 4 years after treatment with alemtuzumab (Lemtrada), and serious cardiovascular reactions occurring within a few days of infusion and immune-mediated events." The final opinion of the UK medical authorities concluded: "Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) should now only be used in adults with highly active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis if they have not responded to a full and adequate course of treatment with another disease-modifying treatment or if they have rapidly evolving severe relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis."

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