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Few moments in life are as terrifying as waking up one day with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) is a condition where the body's protective nerve sheathing gradually wears thin exposing more and more nerve endings and causing them to fire off uncontrollably. Multiple Sclerosis patients report being healthy and athletic before their first MS symptom and being blindsided by the disease. Most RRMS victims simply wake up one morning with either blindness, paralysis, or numbness in the extremities. A particularly insidious aspect of MS is that the disease strikes mostly young adults age 20-30. One such young RRMS victim shared her story on YouTube.

Breea, an active healthy 18-year old high school cheerleader went from being RRMS symptom-free to being paralyzed and unable to speak in overnight. Breea was once active on her high school varsity cheerleader squad. One day, the young lady collapsed and became paralyzed on her left side. She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with Severe Onset Multiple Sclerosis. Her condition quickly worsened and she became blind and unable to speak or swallow, requiring hospitalization for the next six weeks. After trying multiple medications Breea came to take Lemtrada. Lemtrada stroke lawsuits are represented by top national attorneys with vast experience at handling medical litigations and offer a free consultation.

Early symptoms of RRMS include double vision, difficulty walking or running, and speech impediments like having difficulty enunciating routine words. Testing for RRMS usually includes a painful spinal tap and a frightening MRI to look or lesions on the spinal column and the brain respectively. Patients are usually given cortisone treatments initially to determine the severity of their condition and chart a path for future treatments.

During her first week, post-Lemtrada treatment Breea experienced "extreme weakness, exhaustion, bloating, constipation, rash, headache, anxiety, and some scalp thinning," according to her video. Because of Lemtrada's toxicity, restrictions for RRMS patients that want to take Lemtrada include advanced brain imaging and the location of treatments. Several years ago Lemtrada treatments could be administered in the comfort of one's home however patients reported having heart attacks, strokes, and even sudden death. As a precaution, Lemtrada sessions became restricted to the doctor's office so that a medical team can monitor a patient for a time to make sure they were not experiencing side effects of the drug. Within a year those precautions became obsolete and as we stand today Lemtrada can only be administered in an official hospital with an available emergency intensive care unit. Lemtrada is only available to RRMS patients that demonstrate aggressive symptoms. Such an extreme situation could include blindness, paralysis, and an inability to speak.

Lemtrada is a serious medication for a serious medical condition. RRMS patients that eventually qualify for Lemtrada treatments have usually endured high doses of steroids, multiple blood transfusions, and Copaxone and Rebif injections. In spite of all of the difficulties that RRMS entails, most patients have a positive attitude and feel that one must learn to live with the disease and not give in. Many say that laughter is the best medicine.

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