Lemtrada Patient's Fear of the Unknown Moderated in YouTube Testimonial Videos

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Lemtrada patients have produced YouTube videos that relate to the fear of Lemtrada's deadly side effects potential patients may be experiencing

Monday, December 16, 2019 - Lemtrada.com does a pretty good job of alerting patients of the common and potentially deadly symptoms to expect when one contemplates taking the drug. Unfortunately, in doing so, the drug's warnings create extreme fear and anxiety in patients that are faced with the "do or die" treatment. Lemtrada patients must deal with the very real possibility of dying or suffering a permanently paralyzing stroke right there, on the spot, while still hooked up to the intravenous apparatus. Official Lemtrada warnings fail to address the psychological and resultant physical complications that patients face when the disease reaches the final stages, symptoms so severe that they are willing to risk death in the hope of getting relief. The latest Lemtrada regulations require doctors to no longer perform Lemtrada treatments in their office and to move to hospitals with intensive care emergency services available adding to one's anxiety. Lemtrada stroke lawsuit attorneys offer a free consultation with no obligation to file a claim and work on contingency.

Patients suffering from relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) share their experiences of taking the drug Lemtrada with others on YouTube.com. Lemtrada is a chemotherapy treatment that is given to treat the most severe cases of relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis. Lemtrada attacks and destroys the immune system and will accelerate the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Lemtrada is designed to lengthen the remission time an RRMS patient experiences between multiple sclerosis episodes as well as moderating the symptoms when they do occur. Please note that Lemtrada is a treatment and is not a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Patients in line to take Truvada experience extreme fear and loathing while waiting for the treatments to begin, according to those that have lived through the experience. RRMS symptoms can include numbness in the arms and legs and cause paralysis requiring hospitalization. Once diagnosed with multiple sclerosis the patient chooses a disease modification therapy. Steroids are often given initially causing the side effects of water retention and itchy skin rashes and blotches on the face. Changes to one's physical appearance can cause anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insecurity. The lead up to taking Lemtrada can cause the fear of the unknown and result in sleep and weight loss. On the bright side, Lemtrada patients tell others that the aftermath of taking Lemtrada may not be as bad as one expects. Lemtrada patients have reported that after the first day of taking the drug they feel normal except for feeling exhausted. It will take around four hours for the Lemtrada drip treatment during which time the doctor will check for one's body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure every half hour. This makes nodding off impossible. Also adding to one's difficulty sleeping is the full-body rash that most patients experience that causes constant itchiness. Lemtrada patients fear an infection occurring at the site of the injection.

All in all Taking Lemtrada is a personal decision and if one chooses to go through with it, there are ample resources on the internet to inform a patient and put their minds at ease.

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