Lemtrada Patients May Try Anything To Keep Multiple Sclerosis In Check

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Patient experiences with Lemtrada are mostly positive when advised in advance of rare but deadly side effects

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - Anti-Multiple Sclerosis drug Lemtrada has produced terrific results for patients with advanced relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). The drug also carries life-threatening side effects. I recently read about the positive experiences a patient had with the drug and then, with the next click of the mouse, uncovered a page of Lemtrada warnings that scared the heck out of me. An article in Multiple Sclerosis News Today titled, "My Lemtrada Journey, 2 Years After My Second Round," highlighted the positive experiences that MSNT staff writer Ed Tobias, an RRMS sufferer, experienced with Lemtrada and shared with his readers. To make a long story short, Ed noted that his overall experience with Lemtrada had been positive, particularly from the six-month point after each round of treatment. Ed noted experiencing "only minor problems such as fatigue, a strep infection, and a urinary tract infection, immediately after treatments. " Ed reports that his RRMS symptoms have not worsened and "improved a bit" and that he did not experience any new brain lesions. Ed is also experiencing less low back and hip pain, and less nighttime foot and leg cramps, according to MSNT. Ed said that he gets up less frequently at night to urinate, down to about once from more than three times per night, and is having more regular bowel movements. Ed's manual leg and hand dexterity have improved as well. In conclusion, Ed shares the credit for his improved medical condition with other changes he has made in life such as exercising more, drinking more water, and reducing stress.

Another article on the website warned that Lemtrada treatments should be limited only to patients with advanced RRMS and administered in a hospital with an active Intensive Care Unit available. Lemtrada treatments occur in two sessions, one for five consecutive days, and the other for 3-5 days, one year apart. Individuals differ when asked if it is better to stay in the hospital for the duration of the treatments, or whether they preferred to commute to the hospital. Lemtrada stroke attorneys offer a free consultation to families and people that suffered side effects or a stroke from taking Lemtrada.

The EMA Safety Group advises Lemtrada patients of the "reports of rare but serious complications associated with Lemtrada, including deaths related to immune complications and heart or circulatory disorders." The Group noted that Lemtrada's side effects such as having a stroke or fatal heart attack could happen nearly immediately as treatments begin or up to many months later. "Specifically, reports of fatalities and severe effects were associated with immune complications that included autoimmune hepatitis (immune-caused liver damage) and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (a disorder that may affect several organs in the body), and hemolytic anemia (abnormal red cell breakdown), according to the article. Some immune reactions could happen "many months" after treatment with Lemtrada, PRAC noted."

While Lemtrada's dangerous side effects are now known to patients and doctors, the drug's stroke risk was not added to the Black Box warning until 2018.

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