Multiple Sclerosis Patients Suffer Fatigue Before Symptoms Gradually Increase

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MS patients report extreme, unexplainable tiredness before symptoms of the disease that require Lemtrada treatment become apparent

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - Multiple Sclerosis is when the body's immune system attacks the tissue that protects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord and causing disruptions resulting in neurological complications. Patients with multiple sclerosis suffer many symptoms that affect their everyday life such as extreme pain, motor and sensory impairments, and cognitive dysfunction according to MS doctors reporting to MD Edge, an online Multiple Sclerosis Hub. Another deadly but lesser-known symptom of multiple sclerosis is fatigue. The National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation estimates that around 80% of MS patients first experience fatigue. Fatigue can alter a person's ability to live a normal life and can be confused with being depressed or underperforming at work. Fatigue can prevent the MS patient from participating in a normal role as the parent in a family or a spouse in a relationship. The NMSF says the cause of MS fatigue is unknown.

Fatigue eventually gives way to other severe neurological complications that prevent a patient from leading a normal lifestyle and embracing the occupation they have chosen. Multiple sclerosis patients advance through increasingly more toxic disease-modifying therapy (DMT)s over the years as their condition deteriorates. Eventually, doctors prescribe Lemtrada, an advanced disease-modifying therapy, to treat their condition. Lemtrada is a drug of last resort; patients have died or have become paralyzed from taking Lemtrada. The US Food and Drug Administration warns, "serious cases of stroke and tears in the lining of arteries in the head and neck have occurred in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) shortly after they received Lemtrada (alemtuzumab). These problems can lead to permanent disability and even death."

Lemtrada is administered by intravenous infusion in two treatments a year apart. The first treatment course takes five days and the second three days. Many multiple sclerosis patients were not informed of Lemtrada's life-threatening side effects and suffered strokes and heart attacks within 72 hours of receiving their first treatment. Some have hired Lemtrada Stroke Lawyers to file a claim against Sanofi Genzyme, the maker of Lemtrada for failing to warn them of what they knew or had the responsibility to know about the drug's side effects. If you or a loved one have suffered a stroke or heart attack as a result of a Lemtrada infusion, you may qualify to file a claim for lump-sum damages.

The FDA requires Lemtrada patients and doctors must have an emergency room and physicians in attendance whenever a Lemtrada infusion is given. According to the FDA, doctors should look for the symptoms of a stroke or tears in the lining of the head and neck arteries, called arterial dissection, which can include: "sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arms, or legs, especially if it occurs on only one side of the body, sudden confusion, trouble speaking, or difficulty understanding speech, sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes, sudden trouble with walking, dizziness, or loss of balance or coordination and sudden severe headache or neck pain."

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