Ofatumumab Could Replace Lemtrada For Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

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RRMS drug Ofatumumab has the potential to offer significant relief from the symptoms of RRMS

Saturday, August 8, 2020 - Whenever a publication mentions that a drug has been discovered, thoroughly tested, and appears to cure a deadly disease, people are right to get excited. One does not want to get their hopes up too high, however, for fear of disappointment and then once again suffering from the disease. This is especially true for patients suffering from relapse remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), a progressive, physically debilitating disease. Healthline.com describes RRMS as being a derivative of ms, and that around 85% of MS sufferers have RRMS. "People who have RRMS have relapses of MS with periods of remission occurring in between." RRMS suffers in the late stages have tried using Lemtrada and have had excellent results, however, the side effects of causing instant death or permanent paralysis from a stroke or heart attack has caused many to regret taking the drug. Lemtrada must be administered in the presence of emergency medical personnel and used as a last resort only after having tried multiple RRMS medications without satisfactory outcomes.

When a drug of last resort fails, patients can be in despair, hopelessness, similar to when they initially diagnosed with the disease. RRMS patients are guardedly optimistic when there has been a breakthrough, and a drug found that could help them better cope with the disease.

RRMS drug Ofatumumab has been discovered, tested, and has the potential to offer significant relief from the symptoms of RRMS. Moreover, the drug is thought to outperform other disease-modifying therapies (DMT) like Lemtrada, and may not carry the drug's deadly side effects. According to IFL Science, "A large-scale trial of the drug ofatumumab has found it dramatically outperforms existing treatments for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). Indeed, in the latter part of the study attacks almost disappeared, raising the possibility the drug may offer long-term elimination of the disease for many." The results of a recent Ofatumumab study at the University of California in San Francisco were astonishing according to study's director Professor Stephen Hauser of UCSF: "There was "near-complete elimination of inflammation and scarring in myelin-rich areas of the brain," and also, "Those on ofatumumab suffered half as many relapses and ninety percent reported no attacks after the first year of treatment, raising hopes that for many the new drug could mean an end to this condition," according to IFL Science. The New England Journal of Medicine concluded; "Among patients with multiple sclerosis, ofatumumab was associated with lower annualized relapse rates than teriflunomide."

Sanofi Genzyme the manufacturers both Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) and Aubagio (teriflunomide), has been under fire in recent years for failing to adequately warn patients of their drugs deadly side effects, resulting in numerous Lemtrada lawsuits. Lemtrada patients have reported suffering from instant death from heart attacks or strokes within 72 hours of being infused with the drug. Both drugs have FDA approval for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

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