One Last Lemtrada Warning for 2019

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Every couple of months a new and more severe warning about the side effects of anti-multiple sclerosis drug Lemtrada surfaces

Thursday, January 2, 2020 - Anti-Multiple Sclerosis drug Lemtrada has been associated with causing severely paralyzing strokes and instant death from a heart attack. Doctors prescribing Lemtrada treatments are well aware of this problem and need to always advise their patients of the drug's potential side effects. Earlier in November 2018, people became concerned when Sanofi Genzyme, the maker of Lemtrada, first issued a warning of the risk of stroke or arterial dissection from taking the drug even though the drug had been on the market and prescribed to thousands of individual beginning in 2014. During this four-year lapse, patients died and became permanently paralyzed or disabled by Sanofi's failure to be more forthcoming with warning doctors. Since November 2018, the warnings about the drug's sudden death side effects have intensified to the point that it is remarkable that the drug has not been pulled from the market. Attorneys representing those who have been injured by Lemtrada advise that one may be entitled to monetary reimbursement for their medical expenses, lost wages, and a lump-sum award for pain and suffering the drug caused. Lemtrada patients have the right to all of the facts to help make an informed decision. Lemtrada lawsuit attorneys have vast experience handling medical litigation's and a winning track record against big corporations.

Furthermore, measures have been taken by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that Lemtrada patients know of the drug's deadly side effects. 12 of 13 cases of people who suffered a stroke occurred withing 24-hours of their Lemtrada infusion. According to Cardiovascular Business, "Patient-reported symptoms of numbness, weakness, confusion and reduced coordination and functionality led to diagnoses of stroke and tears in the arterial linings of patients heads and necks." The agency also noted that the drug's side effects lead to permanent disability and deaths. CVB published the new FDA warning: "We have added a new warning about these risks to the prescribing information in the drug label and the patient medication guide," officials wrote. We have also added the risk of stroke to the existing Boxed Warning, the FDA's most prominent warning." Shortly thereafter the FDA instituted a medical questionnair and guidelines that physicians and Lemtrda patients are required to read, complete, and sign before commencing Lemtrada sessions to make sure everyone is aware of Lemtrada's potential problems. Europe's Medical Agency insisted that the drug be given as a last resort only and only when two or more RRMS drugs have failed. The EMA warned "Lemtrada should only be started in adults with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis that is highly active despite treatment with at least two disease-modifying therapies (a type of multiple sclerosis medicine) or where other disease-modifying therapies cannot be used. Patients being treated with Lemtrada who are benefiting from it may continue treatment in consultation with their doctor." Finally, United States physicians are no longer able to perform Lemtrada infusion in the comfort and convenience of their office and must admit their patients to a local hospital with emergency medical facilities to mitigate incidences of stroke and Lemtrada heart attacks.

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