RRMS Patients Have A Great Source of Information That Can Help Them Deal With Every Aspect of Their Disease

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Some doctors can help you cope from the first moment you find out that you have RRMS

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - What do you do when a doctor tells you for the first time you have multiple sclerosis? Like getting a cancer diagnosis, the new patient's mind if full of uncertainties that can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. Doctors consulting with new MS patients want to be reassuring and the new patients should be aware that while MS is a serious disease, it is not life-threatening. The symptoms, however, can progress to be so debilitating that the patient may be willing to try anything to make them stop. The last drug that a patient with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis will try is Lemtrada, a medication so toxic patients are warned that instant death from stroke or heart attack may occur while they are getting the infusion treatment. RRMS is incurable, and a disease that you will die with someday. Disease-modifying therapies can make living to a normal life expectancy a reality.

Dr. Aaron Boster offers hope and encouragement in his videos points out that RRMS is not a "classically inherited genetic condition," and that one needn't worry about passing the disease on to one's children, and that it is not a disease a family member or friend can catch from you. Dr. Boster tells his viewer that those are the first two issues that he covers with his newly-diagnosed RRMS patients. Lemtrada stroke lawsuits handled by top national attorneys offer a free consultation before filing a claim.

RRMS is not a disease that one can forget about and hope it will go away because it doesn't. The best way to approach living with the progressive symptoms of RRMS is to start a disease-modifying therapy as soon as possible and make dealing with the disease a routine part of life. Dr. Bolster tells his patient that they have the opportunity to make their RRMS experience routine and "boring" comparable to how you would not notice a diabetic patient's symptoms unless you sat down and ate with them. With over 15 years of experience treating patients with RRMS, Dr. Bolster says it takes a while, around one or two years, before a typical RRMS patient comes to terms with the disease. Each RRMS patient is unique and Dr. Bolster advises patients to take what they read about the disease on the internet with a grain of salt and that no one treatment is right for everyone. One thing that every RRMS patient should be aware of, however, are the side effects of DMT's carry and the potentially deadly side effects that late-stage RRMS drugs such as Lemtrada present.

Lemtrada is a disease-modifying therapy that can only be administered by a doctor in a hospital with a staffed and equipped emergency room at the ready. Lemtrada infusions are IV drips over two, five day periods, for two weeks, once per year for two years. Patients have reported magnificent results from Lemtrada in terms of both lessening their RRMS attacks and also decreasing the frequency of attacks. Patients that are contemplating this late-stage treatment are required to answer a questionnaire presented by their doctor and signed by both. In addition to heart attack and stroke, RRMS patients are at risk of developing immune system problems that could be exacerbated by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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