RRMS Patients Should Consider Lemtrada's Risk of Arterial Dissection

Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuit News

Lemtrada patients suffer strokes that can leave them permanently disabled or worse

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - Lemtrada is a drug of last resort for patients that suffer from the advanced stages of multiple sclerosis. The drug is highly effective in controlling the severity and frequency of relapses for those with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). The drug carries terrible side effects that include intracerebral hemorrhaging that can cause an immediate stroke. Lemtrada is administered via an intravenous drip for several days once per year, and some patients have suffered a stroke while undergoing treatment or within 24-hours thereafter. Lemtrada stroke lawsuit attorneys offer the best representation to American families and persons harmed from Lemtrada drug.

Clinical Neurology News (CNN) has recognized the risks of arterial dissection that Lemtrada presents. The US Food and Drug Administration warned that "Instances of stroke and arterial dissection in the head and neck have been reported in some multiple sclerosis patients soon after an infusion of alemtuzumab (Lemtrada), according to a safety announcement issued by the FDA on November 29, 2018." The FDA's adverse event reporting system have recorded "13 cases of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke or arterial dissection have been reported worldwide." Doctors administering Lemtrada are now required to monitor patients for the early symptoms of an intracerebral hemorrhage such as "severe headache or neck pain; numbness or weakness in the arms or legs, especially on only one side of the body; confusion or trouble speaking or understanding speech; vision problems in one or both eyes; and dizziness, loss of balance, or difficulty walking," according to CNN.

The FDA has required Sanofi, maker of Lemtrada, to update the drug's label to include the risks of stroke that a patient faces. Lemtrada now carries a black box warning, the most severe warning the FDA issues that warns users that the drug can in and of itself cause death and that the drug is available only through a restricted distribution program. Doctors administering Lemtrada under the restricted guidelines that included a warning of "Serious and life-threatening stroke (including ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke) has been reported within 3 days of LEMTRADA administration. Instruct patients to seek immediate medical attention if symptoms of stroke occur."

Lemtrada patients that have experienced strokes may be eligible for significant monetary compensation and may wish to speak with a Lemtrada stroke attorney for a consultation. Sanofi has been accused of failing to detect the risks of stroke that Lemtrada carries during its critical premarket testing period and has only done so in response to the complaints that have been registered by patients injured by the drug or their loved ones. Lemtrada's stroke victims have experienced blood clots in the neck that lead to oxygen deprivation to the brain. A Lemtrada stroke can result in brain damage, paralysis, and even death. Lemtrada's devastating life-threatening side effects need to be considered by every patient before treatments begin so that the patient can make an informed decision if the benefits of the drug are worth taking the risk. Lemtrada's side effects are magnified if a patient is suffering from another blood-related condition and taking other blood enhancing medications.

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