Some Patients Rave About Lemtrada's Effectiveness While Others Are Left Permanently Disabled

Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuit News

Lemtrada can have wonderful physical and psychological benefits but also carries sudden death risks

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - Patients suffering from relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) have the right to know the facts about the drug both good and bad. On the one hand, much has been written about the devastating side effects that the drug carries such as suffering a stroke or heart attack within 24 hours of receiving a Lemtrada infusion. Lemtrada is used to control or mitigate the symptoms of RRMS and is to be used only when two or more drugs have failed and under the supervision of emergency medical personnel. Lemtrada stroke lawsuits are handled by top national attorneys with a track winning record against pharmaceutical companies and offer a free consultation.

On a positive note, patients that handle Lemtrada treatments well are sometimes thrilled with the results. One patient, interviewed by Multiple Sclerosis News Today (MSNT), tells the website that he is doing very well and wants to share his positive experience with others. The patient told MSNT of a "roller-coaster ride" of trying to cope with Lemtrada's side effects that are more minor than having a stroke or a heart attack but devastating to one's health nonetheless. The patient complains of being left uncomfortable and severely fatigued for months after being treated. The patient had difficulty awakening in the morning and required a nap in the afternoon. Sleep at night was interrupted by frequent trips to urinate adding to the fatigue. Fever and chills in the middle of the night also accompanied the Lemtrada experience. The patient was eventually bedridden 24 hours per day yet continued to suffer from adverse side effects.

After four months the patient started to feel much better and reported having better night's sleep and more regular urination and bowel movements. At around the ten-month time, the patient began to exercise more and had improved balance although arthritis complicated his RRMS recovery. The patient, a 71-year old male was satisfied overall with his Lemtrada experience but feels that at his age the drug's side effects may be greater than benefits. Patients like this may benefit from alternative treatments like Vitamin D therapy or stem cell therapy. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns patients like this, however, against experimenting with unproven methods such as traveling to other countries for stem cell therapy. Other countries may host illegal, unproven or dishonest Stem Cell therapy clinics that could put one's health at great risk. The FDA warns that "quackery" exists by doctors that guarantee results and miracle cures.

If you are contemplating experimental treatment or are thinking about taking Lemtrada as a last resort you should visit the drug's website at The site does a wonderful job of outlining the potential adverse side effects and also lists the testimonials of those who have benefitted by taking Lemtrada, which is what it is all about. RRMS is an unpredictable disease and most every treatment leaves the patient with severe fatigue at a minimum and sometimes requiring a cane to walk. Testimonials on the site can help a potential patient become comfortable in knowing what they can expect and alleviate the fear of the unknown.

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