What To Watch For Indicating You May Have Multiple Sclerosis

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Severe numbness in the hands and feet may be the first sign that you have the progressive muscle degenerative disease

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 - I am no different than anyone else and I ignore most aches and pains chalking them off as just a normal part of the aging process. Indeed most of the discomfort I feel I consider to be normal muscle rejuvenation from being overworked, over walking or even sitting too much. If I ran to the doctor every time something did not feel just right I would be there practically every day. If there is one type of discomfort that people, especially those in their early to mid-'20s should take note of it is numbness in the extremities, the feet, and the hands. Yes, numbness can be caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes or wearing clothing that is too tight, but persistent, increasing numbness has been proven to be an early warning signal that a person may have multiple sclerosis (MS), a deadly, debilitating disease. There is no cure and few effective treatments to alleviate the symptoms of MS. Lemtrada stroke lawyers are helping families nationwide and offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

Yahoo Lifestyles warns that, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, women are three times as likely to get MS than are men. MS attacks the body's central nervous system and damages the nerves protective sheathing causing them to "fire off" uncontrollably resulting in unexpected spasms and seizures. MS causes lesions to form on the brain and one test that could indicate that one has the disease is to do a brain scan. According to Yahoo, "MS can lead to long-lasting damage that can affect vision, balance, muscle control, and other basic body functions." Other early signs of MS are feeling tired all of the time even after a night's rest, a tingling feeling like one feels when their leg "falls asleep" but this time the feeling persists and does not go away. Add muscle cramps to the above symptoms and it is time to get worried. At this point, one may think that they are merely dehydrated need to drink more water and eat high-potassium/electrolyte foods like bananas, avocado, and sweet potatoes. The next warning signs are vision, balance, and memory problems and now it is unmistakable that something is wrong. If eating properly, drinking more water and juices, and getting sufficient rest does not prevent the above symptoms from worsening, it is time to see a neurologist.

According to the Mayo Clinic.com, there are no specific tests that show a person has MS. Instead, the doctor will administer blood tests, perform an MRI (brain scan) and possibly a spinal tap to rule out other serious conditions that have similar symptoms. If all are eliminated what remains could be MS. Treatments for MS are limited to those that seek to lessen the duration and frequency of MS attacks. Most people respond well to anti-MS drugs but there are those that do not. When all else fails, doctors may recommend the patient undergo Lemtrada treatments, infusions given in doses of 8 sessions once per year for two years. Lemtrada is a drug of last resort due to its terrible side effects that include kidney failure and stroke.

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