Who Can File a Lemtrada Stroke Lawsuit?

National Lemtrada attorneys provide information on who qualifies to file a Lemtrada lawsuit for stroke and arterial dissection

Who Can File a Lemtrada Lawsuit

Individuals suffering from MS who have taken Lemtrada since 2014 were exposed to a risk for arterial dissection and stroke with no warning whatsoever. Following an FDA drug safety alert, Lemtrada stroke was added to the drug's list of Black Box warnings. The risk of life-threatening Lemtrada side effects such as stroke has left safety experts questioning whether the drug should still be in use at all. Annual sales of Lemtrada in the United States exceeded $275 million in 2017; Lemtrada is marketed by Sanofi Genzyme, the American division of the French multinational Sanofi.

Persons who suffered from artery tears and stroke as a result of taking Lemtrada are seeking clarification on the qualifications required to participate in a Lemtrada stroke lawsuit. Our law firm offers free, no-obligation, confidential consultations to anyone who feels they may have a claim; this page outlines some of the general factors our attorneys will consider when assessing a Lemtrada stroke claim.

For persons and family members of persons who meet these qualifications, it is likely you will be eligible to file a Lemtrada claim for stroke or arterial dissection. There are multiple reasons to file a claim. First, Lemtrada lawyers believe persons who have suffered from stroke may be eligible for compensation for the expense of medical treatment, pain, suffering, and loss associated with Lemtrada stroke. More meaningful to some is an opportunity to hold multinational pharmaceutical corporations accountable for patient safety and dishonest business practices. It is a sad fact, but sometimes the only means to force a company to become a better corporate citizen is through the threat of litigation.

Attorneys offering free, no obligation Lemtrada lawsuit case review are available to speak with you and your family about your circumstances. To learn more about filing a lawsuit, please fill out the simple form on this page and one of our attorneys handling Lemtrada stroke claims will be in contact promptly.

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