Lemtrada Offers Hope For Those With Advanced RRMS

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A Lemtrada Survival Guide youtube video gives RRMS patients tips on how to prepare for the side effects of disease-modifying therapy (DMT)

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - Lemtrada treatments can produce excellent results for RRMS sufferers, but the drug carries serious side effects. Lemtrada is administered in the presence of emergency medical staff trained to deal with strokes and heart attacks, two complications of Lemtrada. The risks of Lemtrada went under-reported for years by Sanofi, the drug's maker for years leaving Lemtrada patients in the dark. The following are few thoughts from Isobel Thomas, an RRMS sufferer, that warn Lemtrada patients on what to expect when taking Lemtrada. National attorneys representing Lemtrada lawsuits offer a no obligation, free consultation before filing a claim.

Ms. Thomas describes Lemtrada as "a chemotherapy-style drug used to treat leukemia that kills off a large portion of the immune system particularly the cells that are thought to be the attacking cells in MS... the cells go rogue and start attacking the body instead of (viruses and diseases)." When a large portion of the immune system is destroyed one becomes more vulnerable to infection. Isobel has taken Lemtrada for the prescribed two year period and is symptom-free. She has to undergo blood and urine tests every month for six years after she began Lemtrada treatments. This monthly checkup is done to monitor for any potentially deadly side effects. Isabel considers the risks of taking Lemtrads worth it because she was at the stage in her disease where a relapse could have "put her in a wheelchair or not be able to use her arms again." Isobel tells potential Lemtrada patients that she too was afraid of Lemtrada's side effects but she is glad she got past her fears.

When Isobel received her first five-day treatment she stayed in the hospital where she was comfortable and able to "doze the day away" after a treatment, and also because emergency medical staff were only a quick alert away. She received Lemtrada at home for the next three treatments the next year. Isobel tells RRMS patients that while a hospital is noisy and the food is free but not great there is the feeling of reassurance that someone is right there with you if something goes wrong. If you stay at home you may be able to get more rest and that and you may have a loved one to take care of you for a few days. If you do stay home you still have to drive to the hospital and back every day so you need a driver at the very least. Isobel recommends drinking a lot of water before, during, and after Lemtrada treatments to help cope with the painkillers, steroids, and anti-histamines that you will be given and also to "plump up your veins" for the infusion.

Lemtrada infusion drips require the insertion of a catheter that will remain in your body for the entire five day period. This allows nurses to simply open and hook up the Lemtrada drip and not require being stuck every day. Isabel recommends that you eat well in addition to staying super-hydrated for the entire period of your Lemtrada treatment. Patients also may want to bring some flavorful hard candy to suck on to offset the metallic taste that anti-histamine drugs and the steroids leave in the mouth. If you are contemplating taking Lemtrada you should watch Isobel's videos on Youtube. You can find them at Youtube.com/watch?v=aHCY9ykizvI.

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