Stem Cell Rejection Could Complicate Future RRMS Treatments

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It may be too soon to write off Lemtrada in favor of Stem Cell Therapy in Treating advanced multiple sclerosis

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - Drugs designed to treat multiple sclerosis usually have a specific goal in mind, one that looks to address a specific symptom that patients have in common. For example, most recently, drugs and therapies have been designed or modified to bring a halt to the progression of relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis. A Swedish study released last month analyzed breakthroughs in stem cell therapy as a much better alternative to taking last-resort, disease-modifying therapies like Lemtrada. For some, stem cell transplantation increased the number of RRMS patients that experienced no evidence of disease activity (NEDA) in 9 out of 10 patients compared to Lemtrada's record of about 4 out of 10, which is still pretty good in its own right. According to MS, and MS News Today, "More people treated with stem cells (AHSCT) showed no signs of disease activity (NEDA) than people treated with Lemtrada, according to a Swedish study. Three years after treatment, almost nine in ten of the AHSCT group showed no new relapses, no new lesions, and no progression. In the Lemtrada group, the rate was almost four in ten. More comparison studies are currently underway." Lemtrada stroke attorneys specialize in holding large corporations accountable when they've placed profits ahead of safety.

After a scary first three months, Stem Cell Therapy carries dramatically less potential side effects over the long term than does Lemtrada. Lemtrada patients must deal with the risk of death or disability due to having a heart attack or stroke from Lemtrada's toxicity. Other dangerous side effects include ketoacidosis and kidney failure. warns potential patients, "LEMTRADA can cause serious infusion reactions that may cause death. Serious infusion reactions may happen while you receive, or up to 24 hours or longer after you receive LEMTRADA, and, LEMTRADA can cause serious infusion reactions that may cause death. Serious infusion reactions may happen while you receive, or up to 24 hours or longer after you receive LEMTRADA." Lemtrada is taken only as a last resort when all other forms of disease-modifying therapy have been tried and have failed. It is unknown at this time where Stem Cell Transplantation will fall on that scale of risks, but one would expect that it may be slightly less dangerous than Lemtrada overall. The problem is that if Stem Cell Therapy does not work, the patient may have far greater problems to worry about including death from graft-versus-host disease where the body's immune system rejects and attacks the new donor cells. Stem Cell Therapy is relatively safe after the initial treatment and about 3 to 4 months in the future. With Stem Cell Therapy, a patient's immune system must first be ablated with chemotherapy and steroids to reduce the risks that the stem cells would be rejected by the patient's immune system which could lead to death. Stem Cell patients also run the risk of having to have stem cell booster shots periodically as the new cells may be only partially effective.

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