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Lemtrada has recently been declared to be more deadly than experts had originally thought and doctors and patients need to take special precautions

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - Patients suffering from relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) need to be aware that while taking the drug Lemtrada may help to alleviate the disease's symptoms, it also carries with it severe, life-threatening side effects that include paralysis and instant death. Lemtrada has recently been declared to be more deadly than experts had originally thought. RRMS is a progressive, degenerative condition where the sheathing of the nerves comprising the central nervous system fire off unpredictably. The drug Lemtrada is a monoclonal antibody that blocks the CD52 protein. Although effective, Lemtrada may be the most RRMS deadly drug on the market. Multiple Sclerosis News Today features experts on the subject of RRMS and recently published an earth-shattering expose that reveals that Lemtrada is even more deadly than the direst predictions that experts feared. Lemtrada stroke attorney are national attorneys with vast experience and a winning track record against big corporations and offer a free consultation.

Access to Lemtrada by RRMS patients is severely restricted. Individuals must have attempted at least two other anti-RRMS drugs and be in exceptional health other than suffering from MS to qualify. Patients must have first read the Patient Guide that describes the side effects of Lemtrada and other things that a patient needs to know. The agreement also requires a potential Lemtrada patient to certify that their doctor has sat down with them and reviewed the pros and cons of taking the drug that are germane to the patient's medical condition. Lemtrada patients need to sign off that they understand that Lemtrada can cause serious medical problems including autoimmune problems, infusion reaction, and infections when receiving the Lemtrada drip treatment, and that Lemtrada can cause immediate death or paralyzes from a stroke or heart attack. The Lemtrada patient agrees to be monitored before, during and for months after receiving the drug. The patient also certifies that they will actively participate in monitoring their condition and are aware of the early warning symptoms that something may be wrong. RRMS patients and their doctors must participate in a patient enrollment agreement which can be downloaded and reviewed at https://www.lemtradarems.com under the patient enrollment form.

One of the more heavily-reported adverse side effects of Lemtrada is the patient suffering a stroke while they sit in the chair receiving the Lemtrada intravenous drip infusion or with 24 hours thereafter which is considered the most critical period. Medical personnel and Lemtrada patients themselves are advised to watch for the signs of a stroke such as a droopy face, weakness on one side, severe headache, slurred speech, and neck pain.

If you have taken Lemtrada treatments and were unaware of the serious side effects that the drug carries, you may wish to consult with a Lemtrada attorney to see if you qualify to file a claim against Genzyme, a subsidiary of the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Inc, the drug's maker. Lemtrada lawsuits are represented by top national attorneys advising and representing consumers harmed by numerous dangerous drugs and medical devices and offer a free consultation.

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