Lemtrada Relieves RRMS Symptoms Allowing Patients to Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

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Those that are permitted to take Lemtrada report that the drug extends the time they have to enjoy a level of quality of life

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) is a heinous disorder that causes the body's nerve endings to fire off without warning and making physical control impossible. The disease normally starts when one is in their 20s or 30s. Symptom flare-ups are called relapses. After a flare-up of symptoms the disease goes into remission for several weeks, months, or even longer however each time the flareup reoccurs it gets worse and worse. Over time the flareups become longer, more frequent, and more severe. After trying several treatments to no avail, the most severe RRMS patients are left no choice but to try Lemtrada, an effective but highly toxic way to attempt to stabilize one's condition. Lemtrada patients have suffered instant death from a heart attack and paralysis from having a stroke within 24 hours of receiving a Lemtrada infusion. According to the Lemtrada website, in addition to sudden death and stroke, Lemtrada patients report immediately developing "Immune thrombocytopenic purpura, a condition of reduced platelet counts in your blood that can cause severe bleeding that may cause life-threatening problems." Lemtrada stroke lawsuits are represented by top national attorneys on behalf of persons and families harmed by stroke or arterial dissection from this MS drug.

Lemtrada patients should watch for the signs of ITP such as "easy bruising, bleeding from a cut that is hard to stop, coughing up blood, heavier menstrual periods than normal, bleeding from the gums or nose that is new or takes longer than usual to stop, small, scattered spots on your skin that are red, pink, or purple." Lemtrada has also been known to cause severe kidney damage requiring dialysis and potentially a transplant. Signs of Lemtrada kidney failure include "swelling of the legs or feet, blood in the urine, red or tea-colored urine, decrease in urine, fatigue, and coughing up blood."

In spite of these and other serious side effects, RRMS patients in their most dire of circumstances continue to reach out for Lemtrada to receive the drug's potential benefits. Lemtrada patients feel the drug is responsible for allowing them time to enjoy the things in life that are important such as snowboarding, quilting, woodworking, traveling, and many other activities that would have been impossible had Lemtrada been unavailable. Lemtrada may not be a cure for RRMS but many feel that taking it is worth the risks. RRMS patients report Lemtrada has improved their poor eyesight, numbness in the hands, fatigue, emotional shutdown, and other symptoms, and they are continuing to enjoy the things that make their life worth living.

According to the NationalMSSociety.org, patients with extreme RRMS symptoms taking Lemtrada should continue to follow the approved program to moderate or alleviate the symptoms of the disease. RRMS experts write that there are certain behaviors required to maximize one's health and get the most from their MS medication. Patients with RRMS are encouraged to "eat a healthy diet, exercise, do not smoke, ongoing preventive care and management of other medical conditions not only contribute to overall health but can also impact a person's MS progression and lifespan."

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